2013 Raybestos Roush® Stage 3 Mustang to Air on Speed TV

Jul 12, 2012

Hot Rod TV Episode Airs July 16th 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central


The grand prize from this year’s sweepstakes/promotion from Raybestos brake and chassis parts – a member of the Affinia family of brands – can be seen in fast, furious, living color on Speed TV. The signature-edition 2013 Raybestos ROUSH® Stage 3 Mustang will make it television debut on Monday, July 16th (9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central).

The episode chronicles the build, provides insider information from all of the experts at Roush and what they needed to do to make this Monster Mustang. The Raybestos Roush Stage 3 Mustang is also shown burning up the track on the road course at Gingerman Speedway in South Haven, MI.

The Raybestos ROUSH® Stage 3 Mustang features the same Raybestos Racing brake package run on ROUSH® Fenway Racing cars run in NASCAR® Sprint® Cup competition. The ROUSHcharger™ and intercooled Ford 5.0 V8 engine make 650 horsepower and more than 550 ft/lbs of torque. A six-speed manual transmission, high performance tires and ROUSH® tuned suspension… featuring Raybestos chassis components… round out the custom features of this one-of-a-kind muscle car.

The Raybestos Roush Stage 3 Mustang promotion runs through September 15, 2012, so there is still time to enter for you chance to win. Fans can visit RaybestosGararage.com to view updates on the build and enter to win the grand prize Mustang.

Technicians still have time to order their Raybestos® Roush Stage 3 Mustang Promotional Kit, which allows them to offer their customers a FREE Raybestos Roush Stage 3 Mustang t-shirt with the purchase of qualifying Raybestos brake and chassis parts. The card customers use to redeem their t-shirt also acts as their entry into the grand prize drawing. Visit RaybestosRewards.com for complete information.

Every time you’re at the wheel, Raybestos brand brake and chassis parts are prepared to be “Your Complete Undercar Solution”… always delivering the Aftermarket’s best design for the application. For more information on Raybestos brand brake or chassis parts, visit www.Raybestos.com or call 800-323-0354.


Raybestos® brand brake parts are produced by affiliated companies in Affinia’s Global Brake & Chassis Group, the leading manufacturer of braking systems in the transportation industry. The Raybestos brakes product line includes everything from brake drums to rotors, pads, shoes, calipers and hydraulic parts. Raybestos brand racing brakes are used by premier teams such as Joe Gibbs Racing, Roush Fenway Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports in NASCAR® competition. For more information about Raybestos brakes, visit Raybestos.com.

Affinia Group Inc. is an innovative global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of industrial grade products and services, including extensive offerings of aftermarket parts for automotive and heavy-duty vehicles. With approximately $2.0 billion in annual revenue, Affinia has operations in North and South America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.affiniagroup.com.

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49 thoughts on “2013 Raybestos Roush® Stage 3 Mustang to Air on Speed TV

  1. This car is beautiful price of Workmanship from the interior to the beautiful paint and detail it’s a hotpackage it’s like a Leiar jet sleek and fast and bad to the bone.a hell of a mean. Machine!!!!!!!!and I would love to own this it would turn some heads around here in Nashville and a nice black cowboy hat he ha baby.from ex special Forces helicopter Mech usarmy Vietnam vet Derrick L Mcdade Sr good work on this one

  2. This car is amazing my dad got me into mustangs, couldn’t find the one I wanted this spring when I ended up with a 2006 Ford Fussion, still looking for the right mustang for me.

    • Patsy Lee Park This story is about Mustangs. I am a female and have been an owner of Mustangs (V-8′s LX’s and GT’s) for many years. Next, I’m lkoiong at Shelby’s latest. They all can get some road. I love it! But is it necessary to insert the President and Communism in this Mustang story. Go to Politico if you want to talk about politics! July 01 2010 at 8:16 PM rate up rate down

  3. I love this mustang.It’s the baddest. Wish me luck in honor of my dad who would have loved to see me and him pull up to the track in that 2013 RR MUSTANG ;-)

  4. I love this mustang.It’s the baddest. Wish me luck in honor of my dad who would have loved to see me and him pull up to the track in that 2013 RR MUSTANG ;-) R.I.P. LAYMON COOPER

    • The regular GT isn’t worth the price the car has only avragee performance. From a stand still even with a manual trans the car starts to crap out after 70mph and falls on it’s face around 118mph. A used Z28 of Trans AM 95-02 will eat the stangs all day long. Even know a Starion (4 cylinder) with a cracked head beat the GT by 4 cars from 60-105mph. The Mustang does corner great thanks to low power and the traction control which makes the car safe for anyone to drive. If someone does get this car sideways with traction control on then they need t take to bus until they learn to drive.

  5. This car is simply Awesome! I’m a automotive engineer at clemson and cars are the driving force in my life. I could only dream of owning that beast but I’m just a poor college kid.

  6. Raybestos and Roush did a truly amazing job; this has to be the best Stang ever produced! I could’nt imagine my reaction if I won that thing lol.

  7. I would like to see a parts list of what is on the 2013 Raybestos Roush Mustang.
    Especially what wheels those are – but other parts too.

  8. The 2013 raybestos\roush mustang is a very hot looking car and over 650 horses it has to be at least a 10 second car and we know it will stop on a dime and probably give change, and yes i am entered and hope to see it in my driveway.

    • Ever since i first vuied the build of the Raybestos/Roush Mustang it became a dream to own such a beautyful piece of workmanship the time and effort to build this car shows how devoted the team at Roush and Raybestos has put some of their souls into the dream of creating such a form of buaity i commend all of the craftsman who had a hand in this build, Thanks for making my dream of owning this car one ballot closer to reality.
      Michael caccamise

      • The GT500 blows the competion away when it comes down to the GTO and the Charger. The GT500 can eilasy out menuver both cars and acceleration on the GT500 beats the two other cars by almost two seconds.The GT models are great if u want power band the V6 is a great drive around car but if u are looking for power go with the Saleen or GT500. The Saleen is the best car for the fast and the furious type but the price is a little high. Well, for the Roush, i never heard anythin on the Roush yet but maybe a little research might help u find wat u are looking for.

  9. To the family and friends who made this mustang possible to own by entering a sweepstakes Thank you for the opportunity to do this thank you it’s on baby I always Wanted to own a mustang one my Birthday on 8/16 this would like to have this is as my second child hood toy oh ya!!!! Damn good work on this one you hit this one out of the park guys from D .Mcdadesr

    • Robert Love my V8′s and until i drove a V6 Cougar, i never thought ayhtning of it, i thought why have economy if you have to crawl? Drove th 3.8L V6 and found that it has almost the same Power as my old Big Block 390 Ford. but has the econemy of 18-25MPg’s on the highway and between 15-18 in town. so don’t tell me that a v6 power plant means it ain’t a real mustang. If they had a v6 in 64 to power a stang with a healthy mix of HP and MPG Ford would have used it. July 01 2010 at 7:37 PM rate up rate down

  10. Have always wanted to own a mustang. Would love to win it so that i could give it to my husband for Christmas.
    We just love looking at them going down the road and in car dealerships.

  11. watchn hot rod tv right now and heres that badass roush stang man i hope i win ive gota 89 tbird sc 5 speed with some mods that i take to local hot rod shows to win this would be one of the best things to ever happen to me …dam i hope i win

  12. Damn damn damn is all I can say. The baddest mustang I have ever seen. Would love to own this bad boy. Sweet job guys.

    • Ahh yes, nothing like some Roushcharged fiowerper to light up your day and ignite some Cooper Zeon RS3 s into orbit. Thank god for such awesome equipment to help me get my job done. And thank you JC for letting me ummm run a chassis powertrain verification program to spot check the insane performance of yet another ridiculously awesome Roush 427R. Keep it sideways my friends

  13. this is one of the cars me and dad would dream of it so sad he passed away we were big car guys if I win it I going to houner it in his name I really what win this car it is bad

  14. I think this the most impresive mustang to date. I have to say with the powerhouse under the hood,and suspension that is made just for the power and weight of the car.

  15. 2013 raybestos/roush mustang congratulation on building a mean muscle carthat is detail from ground-up with lots of goodies and to this mustang away. I WISH AND TO WIN IT AND THE PEOPLE OF HAWAII. Thank You

  16. Shelby’s are great but this baby is one of a kind and engineered from the ground up as a race car for the street. Beautiful!

  17. Raybestos, not a name one would think of when, “ROUSH MUSTANG”, comes up in discussion.
    Not the case NOW!!! Cat is out of the bag!!
    The “RAYBESTOS ROUSH MUSTANG” will be that car when the topic Mustang comes up all of the Stang Fans will know, “The Raybestos Build”.
    Awesome to say the least!!! This car’s stylish looks and bad ass personality is a car many would desire. Not to be a trailer queen but to be tamed, dominate and tear up asphalt!
    Quick word to all of the participants, Good Luck everybody but I hope I win it!

    • Q Unfortunately, my driving ctsinsos of a lot more than a 1/2 mile unobstructed oval. So, I am not sure exactly what all of this proves. I suspect that if I drove my car on the same track they did, I could get really stunning mileage too. But I have to drive my car on real roads, crammed with other real cars, driving by real people under real weather and construction conditions. So — I ain’t gonna get no 48 mpg…!!! July 01 2010 at 7:59 PM rate up rate down

  18. As a Disabled Veteran and DieHard Mustang Man, this is what it’s all about! Things like this ‘Stang and the right to build/own/drive it are what I spent all those years in the Military and, went to war for. Jack Roush flies the most beautiful WarBird ever built, The North-American P-51 MUSTANG and, with Raybestos he has built the most Beautiful 302 MUSTANG ever! I entered and I hope I win. If so, the 1st place I’m driving to is my VAMC where myself and so many other Brother Vets recieve our medical care! OUTSTANDING JOB, Roush & Raybestos!

  19. I have seen a lot of nice cars built on hot rod tv but when you get all these people and raybestos roush racing you just don’t get any better than that can’t wait to each more .

  20. Love the car,always owned mustangs(89 5.0 lx,2003 gt and now a 2013 mustang gt but always wonting a supercharge car and what better then the Raybestos Stang)

  21. My Dad sold Raybestos Brakes in New Zealand most of his life I grew up nowing this Product Hard to believe still around going strong all this time . Having Jack Roush and Ford involved in this Beautifull Mustang is a master Piece to a collector I have a couple of mustangs and Love this new Model all the best I hope the winner Nows what they have one!

    • yes tony there is a lot of mutnasg out there but there was a mutnasg club call mainly mutnasg but i have seen a couple people interested but just not a big turn out for one to get started

  22. I Grew up In New Zealand And My Dad was Selling Raybestos Brakes at his work Im talking 40 yrs ago I am Happy to see still going Strong. This is a Beautiful Mustang and having Jack Roush and Ford involved makes this a great Mustang I hope the winner of this appreciates what the are entering into all the best.Warren

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  24. For me, it all started with a ’71 Mach I which I regretedly sold many years ago. I have passed the fever on to my two boys who are proud owners of ’99 Cobras. We are presently on our fifth Mustang, and the Raybestos Mustang would go to a good home if was won by us. Good luck everyone!

  25. wow! great looking car. I own a 2005 gt which I rebuilt after someone put it into a guard rail and ditch. just sheet meatal damage. would make a great addition . we are the rally town here in sturgis as you all know, and are going on our 6th mustang rally prior to and including labor day. you mustang owners check out sturgismustangrally website. thanks again , raybestos owens interstate sales and ford motor co.

    • Even though I’m late to awesnr I’ll give you my personal impressions on the Roush Sport GT black on black auto convertible thats in my driveway! When I first got her I thought the exhaust note was sweet (Roush aftermarket exhaust pipes), and she definitely had lots of power but there was too much throttle lag when I would first stomp it. So I invested in a tuner and air intake which eliminated throttle lag and fixed the auto’s shift points so it’ll bark the tires into third gear! Now my 0 to 60 time has dropped from 6.0 sec. to 5.5 sec. and I love the whistle and roar when it’s floored. I can’t help but drive it everywhere and it will turn heads twice. IMHO, there isn’t a more affordable 300 hp vehicle out there the new model Mustangs have something to offer everyone with tons of options and aftermarket capabilities. Any GT can be made into a mean machine but the new GT500 is something else entirely don’t even get me started!

    • I have been a huge Roush Fan ever since I purchased my Stage 2 back in 2001. I sipmly love the new 5XR model and have been dreaming of owning one since they debuted. I will be looking for the start of the official contest in the hopes of owning what would be a dream car. Jack Roush makes the best Mustangs on the planet. Carroll Who??

  26. That is a very beautiful car ! That’s my ftvroiae type of car ! I’m a mustang man I have always been a mustang man and will die being one ! I love the color and what you have done with it ! I hope I win this car ! Thank you

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