BPI Launches New Brand of Raybestos® Brake Pads

Nov 6, 2013

Element3™ with Enhanced Hybrid Technology is a Game Changer for Customers

Few brand names influence the future, but Brake Parts Inc, the makers of Raybestos brand brakes, is convinced that Element3™ with Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT™) is showing the Aftermarket the future of braking with the world’s first enhanced hybrid brake pad.

“With this breakthrough friction technology, we knew the brand name would be an essential part of this new product offering,” said Jeff Stauffer, Vice President, Global Marketing, Brake Parts Inc. “We did extensive brand name testing, and Element3 provides our customers with a new, unique and powerful brand name that differentiates Raybestos brakes from the rest of the marketplace. It was also most appealing to professional installers and consumers in tying into the EHT deliverables.”

The name Element3 is layered with meaning. Literally, “element” refers to the formulation being unique and different from traditional semi-metallic or ceramic brake pads. Stauffer went on to say, “This is not a simple mixture of ceramic and semi-metallic formulations. Our EHT formulations are an exclusive and proprietary blend of premium BPI friction compounds… “elements!”

The numeral “3” in the Element3 logo represents the “power of three,” which for centuries has held significance and meaning. In Element3, BPI uses the “power of three” to deliver the “3” key features and benefits of the new enhanced hybrid brake pad. It’s a breakthrough INNOVATION delivering the ultimate in overall braking PERFORMANCE, and provides unprecedented STOPPING POWER and braking control.

“The new packaging is designed to be a great selling and marketing tool as well,” says Stauffer. “We made sure the packaging was very high quality and eye catching to match the quality product inside the box. We added a tray on the inside of the box as an extra marketing feature, which further emphasizes to the buyer they just bought the latest, greatest innovation in premium brake pads money can buy.”

Sr. Vice President of Sales for BPI, Bruce Tartaglione, expects Element3 to take the market by storm. “The introduction of Element3 provides our customers what they are craving most… a differentiated, new, dynamic and innovative friction offering that breaks through the “sea of sameness” that exists today in the brake pad marketplace. With Element3, they will be able to sell with confidence. We will provide aggressive sales and technical training, sales promotions, merchandising and social media outreach to help sell and grow their brake business.”

To learn more about the world’s first enhanced hybrid brake pad, visit AAPEX booth #838. For further information on Raybestos brand brake parts, visit www.RaybestosBrakes.com or call 800-323-0354.


Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is one of the leading global manufacturers of braking systems in the transportation industry. The BPI brake product line includes everything from brake pads and rotors, to drums, shoes, calipers and hydraulic parts for the light and medium duty market. Raybestos® brakes are used by top racing teams in NASCAR® competition such as Joe Gibbs Racing, Roush Fenway Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports. For more information about Raybestos brakes, visit Raybestos.com.

© Copyright 2013, Brake Parts Inc LLC. All rights reserved. Raybestos trademark used under license from Affinia International.

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