Award-winning chassis and muscle car builder Jeff Schwartz is directing construction of the Raybestos project at his shop Schwartz Performance in Woodstock, Illinois – just outside of Chicago. The Raybestos Camaro RS will be equipped with plenty of power for both highway and raceway, with plans for a 650+ horsepower Schwartz-modified, GM LS3 V8 engine with SLP supercharger, mated to a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, and severe-duty Moser 9-inch rear axle. Effectively delivering all of that power to the ground will be the responsibility of Schwartz’s proprietary “G-Machine” custom-fabricated chassis: a bolt-in, high-performance, fully-engineered modern suspension upgrade for vintage uni-bodied muscle cars.   The team will prepare the Raybestos Camaro with an affordable “off the shelf” performance disc brake upgrade package, using Raybestos brake components readily available to DIYers from the vast Raybestos OE-replacement product catalog, and featuring the company’s innovative new Element3™ brake pads, with Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT™). With the attributes of both ceramic and semi-metallic friction materials in a single hybrid compound, the Raybestos Element3 brake pads promise enhanced performance and improved stopping power – desirable for a muscle car that’s destined to spend considerable time on both on the street and the racetrack. Even more, a long list of performance parts from peers in the automotive aftermarket are slated for installation on the Camaro.

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