Raybestos RS ’71 Camaro – The Beginning

Aug 28, 2014

Muscle cars, a window to simpler times with high octane fuel and plenty of horsepower. Raybestos Brakes has teamed up with Schwartz Performance to build the RS ’71 Camaro featuring Raybestos Element 3 brake pads. What do you get when you mix a modern LS power plant, a rigid custom chassis and the stopping power of Raybestos brakes on a 1971 Camaro? You get a machine that is ready to turn heads cruising down main street and leave opponents staring at your taillights on the track. For a chance to win the Raybestos RS ’71 Camaro, visit www.raybestosgarage.com/contest.


Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is one of the leading global manufacturers of braking systems in the transportation industry. The BPI brake product line includes everything from brake pads and rotors, to drums, shoes, calipers, hydraulic parts and wheel hubs for the light and medium duty market. Raybestos® brakes are used by top racing teams in NASCAR® competition such as Joe Gibbs Racing and Roush Fenway Racing. Visit www.RaybestosBrakes.com for more information about Raybestos brand brakes.

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6 thoughts on “Raybestos RS ’71 Camaro – The Beginning

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  2. I love the build and the camaro brand I grew up aroung cars my whole life my brother has a 1970 camaro and my other brother has a chevelle project hes getting ready to start on. I could not get into this with my brothers because I dropped out of high school had a drug problem and fell behind in life but when my first daughter was born I tried to get things right.I went to get help for the drugs went back to school got my GED, and an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and a full time job. But being a single dad with 2 girls I strugle quite a bit. This would be a dream come true for me.If not then congratulations to whom ever does.

  3. Most beautiful combination of colors , power, and control and that formula hood !!!!
    Love this car , hope I win it !!!!!

  4. I have always loved the Camaro. Espically the 71. I am a single father. My son is now 13 and hope to pass on the passion I have for the automobile…fingers crossed, Tom.

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