Introducing the 2013 Raybestos Roush Mustang

Jun 2, 2012

The first behind the scenes video following the build from start to finish.

Well here it is!  This is the first installment of Talking Shop featuring the folks from Roush Performance & Raybestos Brake & Chassis setting the stage for this year’s sweepstakes car.  Everyone involved believes that this is an incredible partnership with Raybestos, Roush Performance & the Ford Mustang, coming together to build a modern muscle monster.  The best part, YOU CAN WIN IT!!! Enter here

For more information on Raybestos brand brake or chassis parts, visit or call 800-323-0354.

Raybestos® brand brake parts are produced by affiliated companies in Affinia’s Global Brake & Chassis Group, the leading manufacturer of braking systems in the transportation industry. The Raybestos brakes product line includes everything from brake drums to rotors, pads, shoes, calipers and hydraulic parts. Raybestos brand racing brakes are used by premier teams such as Joe Gibbs Racing, Roush Fenway Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports in NASCAR® competition. For more information about Raybestos brakes, visit

Affinia Group Inc. is an innovative global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of industrial grade products and services, including extensive offerings of aftermarket parts for automotive and heavy-duty vehicles. With approximately $2.0 billion in annual revenue, Affinia has operations in North and South America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

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14 thoughts on “Introducing the 2013 Raybestos Roush Mustang

      • looks great and you can’t beart the price! Very easy to install foollwing the enclosed directions. It really looks like it is etched into the mirror. It works best on the medium to large mirrors. I have it on my Acura MDX, Saab 9-3, and Mercedes 560SL and it fits and looks great on all of them.

    • Hi Don Just finished my 67 conrevt (if you ever do ! ) and want to thank you on taking the time to help me with the correct paint for the power steer pump.Already have a Peoples choice and a Best presented tropy.Keeping an eye on your site.Many thanks Roger New Zealand

    • wow that great news, it will give you more horse power and torque to help you otrpeuform everyone on the road. It can even increase your MPG rating, improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

  1. That may be the greatest mustang built! Such time and effort put into a vehicle is nice to see in days of plastic and glue. I have a ’96 5.0L engine in a bronco and have never had a problem, ive had raybestos pads on it, and through the hell ive gotten in they still havent cracked or squealed.

  2. I seen this episode and I like the short fneedr stripes. Are these custom?I dont see these stripes when using the configuration tool on the Roush web siteROUSH: The graphics that go from the hood to the sides presented a problem when integrating them into the first version of the configurator, and are not online yet. These can be seen on page 41 of the catalog. The one featured on the show was part number 420897. We can take accept phone orders on this stripe package.

    • Gravity sucks, yeah? Heavy cars are sometimes too sgonrtly attracted to the center of the Earth for their parking brakes to restrain. (Of which, BTW, you have now learned the importance: the parking brake won’t always keep your car in place, but it beats not using it and seeing the car rolled down the driveway )My Jeep Wrangler did this, but I could put it in first gear (manual transmission) and it would basically stay put. When the weather was bad I put a brick behind the back tire. You may not be able to get your key out if the car is in gear: I’d ask the dealership about that too.Ice anywhere near a tire could be very bad- try putting just one foot on some ice and see how steady you are- and on icy days, I’d move to California.Or park on the street.Except that I already live in California.

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