Save the Date … June 2nd, 2012

May 29, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen! All three of our Raybestos giveaway cars (’32 RPU, ’64 GTO-R, ’13 Mustang) will be at the first stop of the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour on June 2, 2012! Taking place at Detroit, MI – GM Proving Grounds, Milford.

This is most likely the ONE and ONLY time all three vehicles will be in one place! So visit the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour site and register online here!

We’ll be handing off the keys to the lucky winner of the ’64 GTO-R on Sunday morning. We will also be driving the entire tour in our ’13 Raybestos Roush Mustang. So come check it out, say hi and enter for your chance to win this brand new beautiful one of a kind Mustang!

Check out all the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour dates here.

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4 thoughts on “Save the Date … June 2nd, 2012

  1. I think I would pass out if I won’t this car, change my life totally and it would be amazing to drive it, some powerful car it is

    • I saw a videoe a few days ago, He had the MadSpeed Porsche GT3, He say it took 5 hours to caghre, and then you could drive for 10 min. Dont know if this is true.How long do most of the madspeed cars have to caghre?

  2. I would get the Nissan 350Z, the hatchback not cobntreivle. Fun car to drive, plenty of power and trunk space, but it only has 2 seats. The G35 Coupe is basically a 350Z but more luxurious with a slight increase in power, but is pricier to maintain. The WRX STi is a fun car too with loads of power, all-wheel drive, and, as a sedan, has enough space to seat passengers comfortably. However, the flat four engine is a hassle when it comes to service or repairs. The IS250, with the least power in the group, is still a comfortable and luxurious car, but more of a family car, with high maintenance costs. The GTO and the Mustang have plenty of American muscle and will probably be the cheapest to maintain, but you end up spending more at the pump. I would recommend you test drive each car and then decide which one YOU like the best.

    • I like laying new pads face down on coaabrdrd and coating the metal backs with Permatex brake quiet spray with each brake job I do. I also always wipe the guide pins and relube them with new grease as well as replace the rattle clips.

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