Schwartz Performance Building Raybestos® Brakes 1971 Camaro

May 30, 2014

Award-Winning Shop Building Pro-Touring Camaro For 2014 Giveaway Promotion

Following up on the excitement surrounding its 2013 promotional giveaway vehicle, the Raybestos Rattlesnake off-road Toyota Tundra built by Addictive Desert designs, the company today formally unveiled plans for its 2014 giveaway project already underway: a Raybestos-edition 1971 Camaro RS “G-Machine,” built with a Pro-Touring sensibility.

Award-winning chassis and muscle car builder Jeff Schwartz is directing construction of the Raybestos project at his shop Schwartz Performance in Woodstock, Illinois – just outside of Chicago. The Raybestos Camaro RS will be equipped with plenty of power for both highway and raceway, with plans for a 650+ horsepower Schwartz-modified, GM LS3 V8 engine with SLP supercharger, mated to a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, and severe-duty Moser 9-inch rear axle. Effectively delivering all of that power to the ground will be the responsibility of Schwartz’s proprietary “G-Machine” custom-fabricated chassis: a bolt-in, high-performance, fully-engineered modern suspension upgrade for vintage uni-bodied muscle cars.

The team will prepare the Raybestos Camaro with an affordable “off the shelf” performance disc brake upgrade package, using Raybestos brake components readily available to DIYers from the vast Raybestos OE-replacement product catalog, and featuring the company’s innovative new Element3™ brake pads, with Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT™). With the attributes of both ceramic and semi-metallic friction materials in a single hybrid compound, the Raybestos Element3 brake pads promise enhanced performance and improved stopping power – desirable for a muscle car that’s destined to spend considerable time on both on the street and the racetrack. Even more, a long list of performance parts from peers in the automotive aftermarket are slated for installation on the Camaro, and are set to be featured in the ongoing Raybestos build coverage.

An outline of plans for the Raybestos Camaro RS build and promotion were shared by Bruce Tartaglione, Sr. VP of Global Marketing and Sales for Brake Parts Inc., manufacturer of Raybestos brand brakes. “The Raybestos Camaro will be given away to one lucky professional mechanic or do-it-yourself Raybestos customer as part of a North American summer sales promotion that runs June 1 – September 15, 2014, and the build process will be chronicled on national television, in social media, and in exclusive content on our microsite,” commented Tartaglione. Like the Raybestos builds that came before it, the project celebrates the brand’s unrivaled brake product lines – which boast coverage for modern performance cars, vintage applications, a pro-racing pedigree, and the latest in advanced technology design, materials, and construction.

After assembling a customized Toyota Tundra, ROUSH Mustang, ’64 GTO, and’32 Ford Roadster Pickup in Raybestos promotions over the past several years, the Schwartz-built Camaro will be the first Chevrolet muscle car project that the company has undertaken. “We’ve paid close attention to the recent Raybestos project builds,” said Schwartz Performance founder & owner Jeff Schwartz. “We’re excited that the folks at Raybestos selected us to build their next giveaway car, and we’ll have fun showing the world what this Raybestos-equipped Schwartz G-Machine will be capable of.”

For more information on the Raybestos 1971 Camaro, and its planned North American summer sales promotion, or for questions on any Raybestos brand brake products, visit or call 800-323-0354.


Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is one of the leading global manufacturers of braking systems in the transportation industry. The BPI brake product line includes everything from brake pads and rotors, to drums, shoes, calipers, hydraulic parts and wheel hubs for the light and medium duty market. Raybestos® brakes are used by top racing teams in NASCAR® competition such as Joe Gibbs Racing and Roush Fenway Racing. Visit for more information about Raybestos brand brakes.

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5 thoughts on “Schwartz Performance Building Raybestos® Brakes 1971 Camaro

  1. This 71′ Camaro Schwartz Performance is building for Raybestos® Brakes sounds totally wicked. Telling all my friends. Maybe one of us will win it to be able to show it off at LS Fest and to all the car shows around us. I would like to take it on road trips with family to visit family and friends. Thats what car guys do right. You need a reliable LS engine and a transmission that will give you decent gas mileage to do that. This beast sounds like it has it all. I would like to take my uncle for a ride he lives in PA. It might spring him back to good health. Good luck to all. Have fun with it. A Car Guys dream. Rob.

  2. I actually wen to the swchartes auto shop ,me an my brother in law Danny went an bought a transmission off u an as we parked to go in ur shop I stopped an looked at the car an fell in love everything about the Camaro spoke to me in a way no other car has before including the pride an joy that I drive today everything from the black an red paint job to the amazing complimentary rims just the entire way u have done this camaro has me itching at the trigger to go out an restore my own all though recently all my money has went to help support my mothers medical bills sense she has been sick the only reason I could get the trans was because I sold the engine out of my firebird to a friend an the trans I had did not fit but as soon as he found out u were selling it he dished up the extra gas money. As a car lover an self proclaimed mechanic I admire ur work above anyone else’s an would love nothing more than to have a car from ur shop

  3. As a retired firetruck builder I’m totally stoked at seeing this sweet build.It would be even sweeter to win it!The closest I’ve come to a build is my 2000 S10.The previous owner knew nothing about maintenance.At 74,000 miles she overheated and cracked the 2.2 liter 4cyl.I bought the truck for $500 and replaced the engine with a new G.M. crate unit along with other new parts from AutoZone(where I now work)It’s basically bone stock and almost cherry.I love my truck but it’s not exactly a tire smoker.If I ran the 1/4 mile with it you’d have to clock it with a calender.What an honour it would be to have a classic American restomod car from a top builder.This car would be great for Saturday night drives or taking my wife to dinner. Good luck to all and G-d bless.

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